Latifah Fullanza
Latifah Fullanza
Some attributes
Age 17?
Birthday Unknown
Zodiac Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Other attributes
Occupation: Manager/Princess of Maple Land
First Appearance: Chap 1-Episode 1
Japanese Voice: Fujii, Yukiyo

Latifa Fleuranza Fujii, Yukiyo-Latifah Fullanza
Latifa_Fleuranza princess of Maple Land Voice Fujii,_Yukiyo

Latifa is the princess of magic Maple Land. Maple Land is a portal between Earth and realm of magic. A magic realm between land and water. When people are having fun at the they give off a crystallized form of Animus that the people of the Maple Land feed off. The park is a collection facility. They call the facility "Argels". Each magic realm biulds there own facilit.


Latifa Fleuranza5

Trivia: Tree spelling of last name- Fullanza, Fleuranza, Florenza