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Template:Nihongo is one of the workers for Amagi Development.


Kurisu has slicked back light blonde hair with one bang hanging on the left side of his face. He has violet eyes.

Kurisu has the appearance of your typical hot office worker, and is seen wearing a gray suit, a white shirt with a blue tie and glasses. His glasses can split apart into two from the middle.


He appears to be hardworking and dedicated to his career. He is a rather meanspirited and rude person, and can be interpreted to have a sadistic side for he approached Seiya and spoke of his background despite the fact that Seiya was visibly uncomfortable about the subject.


Kurisu works for Amagi Development.


Episode 2: Kurisu is first seen in conference room talking about Amagi Brilliant Park's current condition. He inquires about Seiya's identity and affiliation with Amagi Brilliant Park and doesn't appear to be satisfied with the answer. He later tells Seiya that if he hangs around with 'losers' he too will be a loser.


Seiya KanieEdit

Takaya knows about Seiya's past in entertainment which suggests that he was a fan of him in the past. Also, he was impressed by Seiya's mathematical ability and attempted to recruit him into Amagi Development. However, Seiya dislikes Takaya and it appears that they will never get along.


  • The pronunciation of his name sounds like the actor and comedian Chris Tucker


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